Hey guys! Today’s evidently Halloween!

I think it’s the first Halloween I’m spending away from home. And what does it entail? Less sugar and no dressing up for me. (Is this what adulthood is? I should revert)

Brief intermission to promote my Instagram and for you to stare at my lack of Halloween picture. This was all I got since I got so busy that I couldn’t go out and take a spooky picture in an alleyway. There’s a bit of smoke from the fireworks to make it a little spooky. OO-OOOHHH!

Anyways! Fun day. There’s a good amount of people here at my college dressed up!There was a girl in my first class dressed as a cow and during lunch I saw someone dressed as the campus police (isn’t it illegal to dress as a cop? Oh well. I’m bad with faces so can’t help here) and then an Ash Ketchum.

Then during lunch, the Funny Story of a Misunderstood Guy Dressed as a Ghost: his outfit looked like he was a KKK member. I didn’t really realize how bad it looked until he stood up and someone behind me said, “Hey! Aren’t you going to put your hood up?”

Then it clicked. His face was so frustrated. His shoulders slumped. His ears got red.

“I didn’t realize how bad it looked until I left my room!” He shouted.

When he came back to sit down at his table, he dejectedly pulled off his set of bed sheets. I felt so bad for him. Sorry dude, not the best time to be a ghost. That’s the end of that funny ordeal.

And then, just now, a parade of minions just went by. That was both terrifying and hilarious. Thanks college kids.

My college’s cafeteria was decked out with Halloween themed stuff. It was adorable! The desserts section had Halloween treats. There were witch’s fingers, a green liquid (didn’t try it, but looked awesome) called Swamp Water, spider web cookies, monster cupcakes, and more cute stuff. They were certainly festive. I loved it.

That was basically my sugar fill for the day since I won’t be trick-or-treating unfortunately. I always go every year cause free candy and I enjoy the fun walking around my neighborhood to see the kids dressed up and the decorations. Sadly though, my neighborhood has been dying with that type of culture every year. Maybe it was good that I didn’t waste me energy? I don’t know.

Also, kids have been riding around in cars to every door. What is that? No. That’s not right. Part of the fun is walking to each door and racing your relatives to the next house. That’s the Halloween experience. It’s warm this year. So there’s no excuse for driving around in your neighborhood. Walk! You need the exercise and fresh air! I think it’s still fresh where I’m from, no smog and stuff. Fresher than the inner city.

I was a cereal killer last year. I like puns so I wanted to be a walking pun. I had a cereal box with little knives stabbed in them. Brilliant and a lazy idea, haha.

So what are your plans for this Halloween-y Tuesday? Going to a party? Trick-or-treating? Or are you handing out candy to kids? Staying in and ignoring the children is cool too!





Introvert Translator


Today’s going to be a short one. Just a little fun thing.

So I have some writing problems for one of my classes cause I’m not deep enough or I guess I’m not good with writing conceptually. Basically, my essay topic was shot down and I had to meet with the preceptor for the class last minute before I drive back home today since the topic is due tonight and the essay is due at 4PM this upcoming Wednesday (low-key stressing but I’m going to sleep this off).

I talked about this jokingly with my roomie. And I basically outlining what I have to say in the meeting with the preceptor to fix me. Then I jokingly invited my roomie to sit in on the meeting with me and she was down (She walked me to the library to find my preceptor, haha. I think she really was about to sit in if she didn’t have to go home). She was like, “I’ll translate for you. Like what she really means is THIS [insert more aggressive version of what Madelyn would say]”

Basically, she’s the Obama Anger Translator but not as explicit and angry and for the introverted me. An Introvert Translator. Can you imagine how great that would be?

Introvert: Um…okay.

Extrovert: Now what she really means is that you’re ridiculous and she wants it her way. And you’re going to give it to her. Her way.


Introvert: Uh…sure?

Extrovert: No. Straight up. Too many people. It’s alone time. Alone time means no one time from this hour to this hour. Thanks.


So introverts, would you like a translator? And extroverts, can you imagine yourself being a translator?

Side note: I need to get a spooky pic in before Halloween comes and goes. This is the first year I’m not planning on trick or treating. Gasp. *scary screechy violin music plays*

GA National Fair Adventure

Hello! Nothing much happened today so I’ll tell you a little fun story from a few weeks ago at the National GA Fair. Kinda long but it’s fun, I swear. I put pretty pics in from my Instagram so it’s kind of like a picture book!

Here’s one of the pics I took. I have a few more from the fair up on my Instagram. But not all are up because my editing software malfunctioned.  I’m not sure if those are stars or satellites shining really bright in the sky above the fair, but we’re not alone. Haha.

My roommate and I went after my last class at night which ended at like 8:20PM and we drove down to Perry, GA where this huge fair was. And it was college night so we got like half off price for the tickets to get in! Amazing. I love the college student discount. Cause I’m like constantly broke.

This was my roommate’s first fair so it was fun to see someone experience something that like most of us experience as a kid. So she got to be more like a kid than usual that night. Right when we were going to the exit off the interstate, you saw the fair which was like its own city. The lights were amazing and we were both jumping in our seats (don’t worry. I made sure to focus on driving. Safe driver here.)

So we got in and our first thought was like: “Ferris wheel. We gotta go to the ferris wheel.” So we’re like zipping through the fair to get to the biggest ferris wheel there and the line went by fast. We were on a little car with a family with a little boy who was scared of heights. His scared comments were amusing to listen to in the background amidst the Shawn Mendes playing (Actually, I’m not sure if Shawn Mendes was playing. There was a lot of pop songs going on.) while I was taking pictures of the fair below and my roommate across from me. It was the struggle to get pics because the car had like this chain link-like thing over the windows. I guess since we were in the biggest and tallest one there it was for safety and whatnot. But it was great, still.

Then after, we walked around cause we just wanted aesthetics. We saw all the cool games and fair food. And the other rides that I think low-key gave my roomie anxiety, haha. But we had fun. Then the fireworks came. We started running towards them to get a better view. Then I found this huge open field behind these stands with empty picnic tables. So we got out there next to the lake and bam. Full view of fireworks and barely anyone was there. There was a group of kids climbing some bleachers back there off to the side.

I was behind my roommate and I took of nice pics. I even knelt on the ground behind her to get a good shot of the fireworks and her. It was great. I had fun editing it to look spectacular. That night was particularly an aesthetic night for all my social media feeds which was great for the audience, cause I bet they’re tired of seeing my face.

After that, we just roamed around the rest of the fair. We went to see the horses and interacted with some nice ones. That was also when we realized that horses are huge. Or maybe we’re just really short. I don’t know. You be the judge. We’re like 5’2.

Then we saw a little pony and an award winning horse. And that horse wanted out of the stall so I got my mini heart attack of the day when it started kicking. Then we saw some sheep being shaved and some cows. Then went by the free concert for the night and a lot more food stands. We added to our Insta-stories and such. Then that’s it. We went home.

Yea, we should’ve played more games or went on more rides. But my roomie’s ankle was hurting from something she did to it before that day. And it was getting late (the fair was huge and it took a while to just roam) and we still had class the next morning. But maybe next time! Check out my Instagram for more pics! @snorting.pics

Tell me about your fair adventures!


Awesome Roommate

Hey! Oh man, that’s kind of aggressive. Hello.

So today is going to be about my roommate. She’s awesome. I always hear about these roommate nightmare stories and a lot of my friends have so many complaints about their roommates but my roommate is just perfect haha.

A little about her: She took a gap year so she’s older than me by one year. She’s from South Korea and speaks her language fluently (or fluently better than me cause she can read and write. I cannot in my native language. Only speak and read food items cause food is essential). She’s pretty darn extroverted. She loves God and God loves her. Like really loves her.

To add on with the God loves her thing, I have a theory that she’s favored by God a little more than the others. Like you know when you ask a parent which child is their favorite but they’re like, “I have no favorites, please.” but you know that little Oscar is their favorite. (Please do not attack me, radical Christians. I realize that God loves all equally. I’m joking around but not saying that God is a joke.)

But anyways, my roomie prays and speaks to God very frequently and they have a close relationship it seems. She’ll basically ask for something and God basically (sometimes indirectly…ok mostly indirectly) gives it to her. And she’s a good person so it’s not like she’s cursing people and God’s like, “Yeah! Go get em!”. It’s quite funny when she tells me about her recent gifts/journeys with God and she wasn’t specific enough in her prayers so she’s like, “Really?! I thought you had me!” but not exactly in those words. I think I was even saying that she said that when she retold her story to me…

To the awesome part! She is super nice and gives me food! She’s like a mom, basically. She knows that I can’t wake up early enough to get a meal before classes so she gets me breakfast and leaves it on my desk. And she’s super patient with me which is great cause I’m introverted. I have tendencies to like be reluctant to go outside and socialize and I guess my social habits might be strange to her. She helps me with that by like doing the talking first and easing me into the social-ness when I’m like there being awkward. I think a majority of the people I’ve met this year and like actually spoken to (not class related) were because of her. Thumbs up to her!

It’s quite fun. It’s rare that I instantly just start talking to someone really comfortably like this. But I really think I lucked out with getting a roommate like her since I hear a bunch of these crazy stories.We’re like best friends. I don’t have like crazy nightmare-ish stories. I have crazy fun stories that will be shared soon.

Update: Something funny happened today. My roommate left the key in the lock of our door. I had to leave before she came back, so I left the key under the door gap thing cause she already used her lock-out thing and she would’ve had to pay to get back in. Real good roommates look out for each other like that. And also get each other food. I bring back the food of my people every time I go back home. And by home, I mean home here in America that’s like 1hr+ away, not like 24hr+ flight to the other side of the world.

Do you have any nightmare roommate stories? Or is/was your roommate awesome? Brag about them in the comments!



So I take this mandatory first year class that’s like aimed to get us involved with the community and the university and all that lovely stuff. And one of the requirements is to sign up to do one of the school’s volunteering Saturdays.

I signed up with my roommate. And it was funny cause she ended up being randomly chosen to be the site leader. How does she do it? I don’t know. Great social skills and luck. I think with more of these stories, you’ll see how lucky she is. Or she really is favored by God, haha. She’s great. Thumbs up to her.

I had to get up super early. And it was really cold. I didn’t want to dress too warmly cause that would mean I’d have to keep up with my layers at the site (I’m an onion!). So a lot of the morning was me jumping around trying to keep warm. I met some great people. I think our volunteer group was the smallest which was great for little introvert me to handle.

Then we got to the site which was this park with a nice nature trail. Still cold. And we had no idea what we were doing. We thought we were picking up trash but then the organization in charge of this service project came and we ended up doing artsy stuff. It was to help them set up for this cool event later on that day at the park.

An architect needed some volunteers to help her build some frames. That meant working with power tools. And since I’ve been binge watching William Osman and Evan & Katelyn on Youtube (makers/DIY channels), I was thinking, “Oh yeah! I can do this. Youtube has prepared me for this moment!” But the rational side of me was also like, “The last time you worked with power tools was sophomore engineering class. You cannot do this.” So I was there fighting with my arm to raise it or not to raise it to volunteer myself. I ended up not doing that building stuff.

I did some easy stuff such as painting these boards with chalkboard paint and then I walked on the trail with my roommate and someone from my orientation group to mark down some “Peace Spots” with chalk. It was pretty fun and light. Got some light exercise and got to see dogs cause people were walking on the trail with their animal companions. (The dogs were the highlight of my day. Also, free t-shirt and food.)

Then I got some pizza which was nice cause pizza. By that time, the volunteering stuff was finished so all of us were just chilling in the chairs that were set up. It felt nice.

It wasn’t my first volunteer thing. I’ve done lots with my church cause they required a lot of community service to be confirmed. And also a little more cause I happen to be somewhere that needed volunteers. But this was the easiest and the most fun. I got to know someone from my orientation group better and I spent the day pretty much chilling. I took some pictures but they’ve yet to be posted on my Instagram cause I need to fix the lighting and colors of some pics.

Usually I spend my weekends at college in my dorm room editing or sleeping (complete hermit mode). So that was a fun change.

Speaking of editing. That was the day my editing software crashed and refused to no longer load. So unfortunately, I’ll have to go back to using that same software but on my phone which doesn’t have as many tools. I did get an offer from that company to get their desktop software for free, so looks like I’ll have to get in touch with them to get this fixed cause it’s a great piece of software and I don’t want to pay $99 for Photoshop for a mere hobby of mine and I’m a broke college kid. The bright side of this? My eyes got rest, haha. I need blue filter glasses.

Now, why am I not just writing this in my journal? First off. I don’t really have a journal. (Ok. I do but it’s for some pictures I print out with my Polaroid ZIP.) Plus I don’t really like handwriting stuff because my handwriting sucks. Also I like to share my little life events with people but don’t know how to not awkwardly bust out in a long winded story with over-exaggerated imitations of people.

OK byeee! Tell me about your fun volunteer experiences in the comments! Or no volunteer experience. That’s cool too.

Hey It’s Madelyn!

Hi! I’m Madelyn!

This is my first post on my personal blog and I’m just gonna say what I think I’m going to put on here. Life stuff. I think I’m a good story teller because I can frame even some of the downs in my life into something good like rain on a day that I wanted to go out. The rain actually made for some aesthetic shots for my Instagram and I got to use my cool umbrella!

Kinda like that.

So who am I? Give the About page a little looksies. But I’ll also tell you here. Maybe it’ll be the same, maybe it won’t.

I am a bookworm. I love books. I have an Instagram and another (shared) blog dedicated to book stuff. I love photography and just recently (by recently, I mean this past summer) started an Instagram account designated for any cool shots that I take. Some pictures there are edited and some aren’t like any nature pictures (Cause Mother Nature does her job). Any pictures you see here were taken by me!

I’m introverted. But I think I’m pretty awesome still. I’ve been told by some people while growing up that being introverted is a flaw but I think it’s great. Like I have awesome listening skills. And like. I can keep secrets really good. And on the more evil side, I can gather so much dirt on people cause I’m there but undetected cause I’m invisible. Which is another super power of me. Haha, it’s a joke. I’m sorry.

What else? I’m a marketing major! I think that’s kind of funny cause introvert and like business field. But I think I’m a funny kid so I’m going to go for it.

I got rejected from the school of music at my college for both piano and violin (played piano for about 12 years and violin for about 5)! Why am I proud of that? Cause I auditioned on my birthday and I had a wild day after the audition which was super memorable. I went to Wendy’s in the middle of nowhere for a college tour for my sister and met a bunch of kids younger than me who were going to graduate from college already cause that was a dual enrollment program. Oh right. And I met some great people with the same major as me and I wouldn’t have met them if I hadn’t been rejected. I mean, I could’ve also met great musicians but I think life didn’t want it to go that way. So. Yea.

Right. I’m also very easy-going. I just go with the flow. So rejection like that just goes pwwsshh over me. I shake it off and move on.

I think that’s it. Sorry. I’m not that exciting a person. I’m just doing this blog to occupy some time since I have so much free-time in college. And I’m used to telling my sister huge fun stories of my day. I could tell my roommate. But she’s super busy and I only tell her little bits at a time so she’s not bothered, haha.