Zoo/Garden Photo Shoot

Zoo time! The zoo I went to was very cool. It had a zoo and a garden!

I was sleep deprived during this photo shoot but I think the pictures turned out fine for the most part. I just get strangely sleepy when I look back at them to fish out which one to edit.

I don’t think I remember much of the zoo exhibits themselves besides animals being cute and there were a loootttt of snake exhibits. I remember giggling, yawning very frequently, and trying to pop my back while reading the signs.

I don’t even think my posture was right while walking or standing or using the stance to take pictures. But I got it. I got fairy princess-like shots! Well, at least I think they give off a fairy princess look.

My cousin directed me to do some of the shots which ended up turning out like prom pics or they were too far for my lens’s range. (I use a 18mm-55mm). He was very insistent that I stand very, very far, haha. So those might need a bit of work in the editing time with me. Not that I hate prom pics. I just think it’ll be weird on my feed to have random prom-like pictures.

I thought I was going to have a rough time when I first started that day because I thought the first few pictures weren’t that great. And my mood might have also been a bit off because of the lack of sleep. But then I cheated and pulled out the fairy lights that make everything better when we went to the gardens. (Fairy lights always make things better.)

When we went to another part of the gardens, we stopped using the fairy lights and we got different shots. I got some of the model twirling about and I think from then, we just started to goof around. We ran down (I didn’t run. It’s very hard to run with a camera.) Hunger Games style towards the amphitheater (which was empty) for some shots. It looked like a cornucopia so that’s why we nerds ran down (I didn’t and I would’ve died in the Hunger Games world for not running to grab supplies). We wasted some time there since the model said she felt uncomfortable because of some girls hanging out at this gate that I wanted to take pictures in front of. I didn’t realize she was joking until I mentioned it again. Thanks, sleep deprived brain.

The zoo was pretty empty since it was a Monday when we went so it was nice. The gardens was even emptier. Another family was with us on the tram but they went their own way when the tram dropped us off at the gardens. I think when I passed them while holding the tangled fairy lights in my hand, they were like, “What the heck is this girl doing?”

Don’t worry. I untangled it. I’m good with that. One time, my younger cousins once somehow tangled up their tiny Newton’s cradle and I sat there for a good hour or two untangling it…then they tangled it up again. Guys, don’t pick up your tiny cradle and shake it so the balls go everywhere and loop around and get tangled up with each other by some physics sorcery. (Fun fact: AP Physics was a no-no for me in high school. I got the concepts just fine. But the actual doing problems and applying the right formulas and stuff didn’t work out for me. I got the free response though when I had to explain why/how something works.)

What a tangent. Anyways, I have more of the pictures from this shoot to show but that’ll be up on my Instagram soon since most are unedited right now. I’m busy working on Christmas themed pictures to get up all up by Christmas. Then the fairy princess and rainbow faced pics come up. So stay tuned for that!

I am still very sleepy like three or four days since the end of the trip. I think it’s because I came back to Georgia and it was cloudy and rainy for the whole week which makes me so sleepy. But I hope my sleepiness gets fixed because I have to stay up on the 24th until midnight at my grandma’s house to open gifts! Whoop! Christmas is already here, guys!

What are your Christmas traditions?

Trip to South Carolina

Recap of my trip to South Carolina. It will be long but I’ll make the photo shoot part a separate post. Right after finals, I drove up to my cousin’s apartment in South Carolina.

Well, first I had to stop by my house and drop off all the extra clothes and junk I needed from my dorm cause I will be at home for about three weeks and the dorm/school will be closed until some date in January that I’m not going to worry about. I don’t even know when classes start again. That’s how done I am. (I will check after New Years. I plan on going back at some point. The right point.)

I also brought my younger sister along with me too for the trip. It is my first trip driving that far on my own so it was fun. It wasn’t scary or anything. I go on long distance drives all the time, only laying passed out in the backseat cause I stayed up the night before so I could sleep. And it was just a longer trip than my 1 hour and some change trip to my college when I run back after the weekend.

My cousin’s apartment was very roomy and nice. I have been living in this old and tiny dorm so it felt super nice being in her student apartment. (I plan on finding an apartment style dorm next year cause meal plans are super expensive and I can cook and American food is eh in my opinion. I do love burgers though. That’s one thing.)

We chilled around the apartment for a bit then we headed out for sushi the first night. Well, we went for sushi after she gave us a tour of her giant campus. It felt gigantic since my school is much smaller. It’s basically its own city. Then the sushi.

Sushi was great. We kept cracking up silently because the environment in the restaurant was pretty quiet with low chatter from other patrons. I think one of the funniest things was my sister and my other cousin trying to shove a giant piece of sushi in their mouths. My cousin couldn’t close his mouth over the sushi and it was just the funniest thing. My other cousin had to turn to face the wall and laugh. Then we just kept on laughing and it was a never ending cycle of laughter.

We watched a few movies during this little trip. First it was Atomic Blonde then Wonder Woman then Your Name then Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. They were all great. We watched

Second day we watched Wonder Woman with a friend of my cousin’s who wanted to visit. We met her during Thanksgiving so we already sort of knew each other. We like to talk about illogical things in the movie or make jokes about it but my cousin’s friend was like, “sshh. Guys. It’s just a movie. It doesn’t have to make sense.” whenever we would question a plot hole or something. Then we went out for gelato. We all sat together outside but my sister wanted to be the lone wolf and sat at her own table. My cousin’s friend kept inviting her over to sit with us but eventually my sister made her way to us…on the far end of the table. But we took that.

It was a normal day until my sister said, “So I have a problem….my pants are stuck to the chair.”

Cue hysterical laughter and Snapchatting of the situation. The chair was this metal wire chair so I guess one piece was loose from its weave or broken and it hooked onto my sister’s back pocket. It was hilarious. All of us were cracking up and my cousin’s friend was the one who worked to get my sister free. I’m pretty sure the owner thought we Asians were lunatics and we are.

Then we dropped off friend and headed towards my cousin’s parents’ (my aunt and uncle) house about an hour away. They weren’t home so we went to the mall to kill time. Then they still weren’t home so we went to my cousin’s grandma’s house for dinner. It’s her side of the family so I was preparing to remind them who I am cause we’ve briefly met in the past many times. But they all recognized me and I’m like yay. No weird intros and telling them about the family tree to get them to see the relations and who’s older than who (Asian thing…or my family thing. Not sure. Do you guys do this, haha?). And there were little babies who were adorbs and dinner was great.

Then my aunt came back and we hung out at my cousin’s house. They have 2 adorable dogs. One whimpers when he gets happy and enjoys cuddles and the whimpering thing is such a quirk! I love it. And there was a cute cat too.

Then we drove back to the apartment. Stayed up late watching movies. Then slept.

Third day. Ramen house and Zoo. Ramen was great. I had tonkotsu ramen. Zoo time will be in another post coming soon since I did the photo shoot at the zoo. Then I drove back late home and my sister got the luxury of sleeping during the drive and I didn’t.

Something I just noticed now that I’m reflecting on the trip. Everything was just so close by. I’m so used to driving 15 mins+ to get to a grocery store (even in my college town). But there was a Food Lion literally right across the street from the apartment. Food was less than 3 mins away. There was a Walmart less than a minute away from my cousin’s house and I’m like wooowww. Luxuries. But darn. Traffic.

OK. Donneee. Tell me about your road trips!

Street Photography


It’s been a while. I meant to post last week but I was distracted with getting Amazon orders in and doing more photoshoots during finals week. So yea.

About last weekish, maybe a bit long ago, it was my first time shooting (camera, not gun.) on the streets. If you look carefully in my pictures, they’re usually set in nature-like scenes in the middle of nowhere (basically my backyard cause Georgia and I have a mini forest for a backyard. Thankfully, no clowns showed up during that weird period America had with clowns.) Or they’re in a room corner. Or the street but no one’s around cause where I live isn’t as populated but still more populated than like countryside boonies of Georgia.

(This was taken inside in a unused room in my house.)

So yea. Most of my shoots took place in inner city or crowded downtown places. I thought I would feel awkward or overwhelmed but I didn’t. I picked out spots I thought would be great when I walked around a spot that was crowded to maybe come back too. And I was pretty chill. I mostly ignored the people around me as I took pics of my human subject (haha. Sounds sciency cause I did a lot of science projects involving human subjects. It sounds bad but it was just surveys). They were nice enough to stop or go around me. I oftentimes would stop to let them pass between every few clicks. So it was fun. Human interaction.

(Downtown pic! These lights were set up on this strip of land running through the middle of the road. It’s like some mini park. It got crowded at some point. It was hard to catch the arch lighting up and catch it with less people in it.)

Also, I have a favored stance and angle. I like squatting low or just sitting on the ground and shooting up from there cause I already know how great you look from below cause I’m pretty short. Just kidding. It’s just fun. So I was sitting on the ground downtown snapping pics either squatting or sitting on the ground.

I’m very weird and the ground is my best friend since I am very clumsy. I have to catch up on blog posts. I just came back from a trip to see my cousin in South Carolina and I am sleep deprived. But that’s a story for (maybe) later this week. I only remembered to do this cause I was waiting on Google Drive to catch up with my photo dump cause my cousin wanted the pictures too.

Anyways, social media promotion cause I’m greedy. Give my Instagram a follow if you want or like some of the pictures if you don’t want me popping up in your feed randomly. You could follow my Twitter too. It’s like this blog where it’s photography and life elements but in less characters.

Which picture do you like better? I understand the ability of the modeling is different. And they’re in different settings with different people and lighting and stuffs. I’m just curious. Instagram has spoken through the number of likes but what about you, bloggers?