Sitting in the Wrong Class

So today was the first class day of the new semester for me. I have my class schedule finalized and I was low-key not ready at all. I was praying for some snow or ice storm to like delay the schedule by a day at least. It was probably because I was greedy for more lazing around the house and also because my cousin has another whole week of break (lucky duck).

But nevertheless (did I use that right? I’m going to assume I did) I got my butt out of bed at 10:20AM to get ready for an 11AM Macroeconomics class. At least it wasn’t an earlier class.

Everything was going fine. Classes were alright. I didn’t hate them from the start which was fine. I have about an almost-hour break between my three classes today.

Then came my last class of the day. In the computer science building. That building always looked a bit shady to me so I left my dorm pretty early (I’m usually late or close to late) to get to class so I could find it. It was like a maze in there. It took me a minute to find the room that it’s in.

And when I found it, I saw that people were already seated and the door was open. So I just slid in…slid into the wrong class I realized after sitting down. I thought they just were seated and the prof already pulled up the syllabus and they were waiting. Nope. I totally left out the thought that there could be another class ahead of this one cause none of my classes today had one right in front of it.

So I sat there, silently laughing at my mistake. The class that I’m actually in is right after that one so I just sat there. It was a bit awkward when everyone got up to leave once it was over. I was scrolling on my phone, hoping that that prof doesn’t also teach the class after cause that would be uber awkward (he didn’t). It was wild. It’s the first time I’ve ever sat in on the wrong class (at least it was the right location) and I’ve always told myself, “it’d be real funny and awkward if you ever went to the wrong class”. And it happened. Thanks.

But am I embarrassed? Nope. I’ll never see those people again and if I do, I probably won’t recognize them and they won’t recognize me. I mean, who even notices me? No one. That is the benefit of being quiet and Asian. I’m overlooked. But I will complain about that later when being invisible doesn’t come in handy.

Anyways, happy new year and new semester to all. May you pass your classes. Tell me if you ever sat in on the wrong class or something to amuse me…or to make me feel bad for being amused by your embarrassment (I’m sorry).

Happy New Year

Happy New Year guys!

This is at night on the first day of 2018, but I was a tad busy yesterday trying to split open the sky with my fireworks (one of the fireworks was called “Crack the Sky”).

Lots of stuff happened in 2017, but it felt like any other year. Maybe there was a lot more of negative things, but let’s leave that in 2017, yeah? Ok. Realistically, that won’t happen, haha.

I made a few cool friends this past year, started a separate Instagram account for my photography, started doing portrait photography instead of landscape-y shots, and I think I traveled a lot more. My hair got super long since I just left it growing since I shaved half of my head. I think it’s been about two or three years, haha. I went ice skating for the first time and got wrecked. Just kidding, my thighs are really sore and the skates kind of did something to my feet so I can’t really walk without a weird hobble right now. I think the ice skating event made me even more convinced that I’m a summer sports person, but I would go ice skating again if someone invites me.

What else did I do in 2017? I arm knitted these epic chunky blankets. That was pretty darn cool.

What am I expecting in 2018? Nothing much. Surprise me. But like good surprises. All those memes of things to leave behind in 2017 weren’t for nothing.