Recently, I have been posting before/afters on Twitter because I get more engagement there and I also talk more directly with other fellow creatives there to give me feedback.

I mostly get good feedback on my edits, surprisingly. But more recently, I’ve been getting the comment that my before (unedited) picture is better.

I’m not so sure how to take that but I think I do take it as a compliment cause I still took the picture right and helped pose the model right…it’s just my sucky editing?

(I am not offended by these people’s comments, just initially confused on how to take it but I’m sure they mean well and it’s feedback. Feedback is great unless you’re going to be mean and not constructive. And I know I suck at editing because I’m still new at this and learning every time I open up the program.)

On my most recent before/after post, someone did clarify that it was because the unedited picture had a faded vintage feel which was better than my style of having contrast and shadows. My friends do say my overall style is sort of some vintage movie feel (I don’t see anything consistent because I’m not that consistent and I just edit until my eyes are satisfied…or burning from staring at a screen).

I don’t know. I might be going through some editing/touch up problem. But it is just those few people’s more personal taste with the vintage feels. I think I would work even harder on improving if flaws such as the saturation being turned to the max (don’t do that) or if my removing certain objects from pictures isn’t seamless. Or it just looks completely wrong and ugly with how I edit. I think then, I would have to reevaluate how I do things.

I think I already am trying to fix my editing, though. It has improved since the first picture I put up on my photography Instagram where I frequently used this brush to add these magic bubbles to light flares. And yes, I used to turn the saturation up to the MAX and the vibrancy was up there too.

I got asked on Instagram pretty recently to teach someone how to edit since they liked my style. I was flattered but I couldn’t teach cause I just can’t. I’m still learning a lot and I don’t think my style is even that defined and consistent enough yet. But I did point them in some path to improve since they were looking to better themselves. Which was to watch other photographers when they go live and/or have an editing session or take tips and pointers from people like Mango Street on YouTube.

To end this, I have a photo shoot with a friend this coming weekend so hopefully things will go well. I’m pretty excited cause it’s been a while since I had a photo shoot and I would like to go on more (hint hint). And it’s also in a pretty neat place in Atlanta.

Note: I wrote this while sick and it’s midnight, so it might not be a good idea to post this while kind of loopy, but I’m gonna because it’s been forever. Hi. How ya doing?