Hey people who read this blog.

A couple days ago, it was one year since I first posted on my photography account and (after the initial laughs and giggles) started to take that a little more seriously. Congrats to me. I forgot it and only realized the next day, though. Photography should break up with me, man. I’m such a horrible person.

Anyways, I first started the Instagram account and picked photography back up because it was after July 4th and my cousin and my best friend had taken a bunch of these sparkler pictures and sent them to me for laughs and giggles. So I took those sparkler pictures and I edited them in this funky picture editing app I got called PhotoDirector. (I actually use the desktop version of their app to edit now and it works pretty good-better than the app. I just can’t afford Photoshop CC.) I couldn’t sleep anyways and this was being productive of my time.

Thus, this over-edited baby (and born:

My best friend Sarah took that pic above! Check out her book blog at this website!

Yea, I started this account separate from my main account so I can have somewhere to post and share my art and not have random life posts pop up and ruin the “aesthetic”. I also first started it as a joke and I didn’t think I would keep it. But I found photography too fun and I wanted to improve so much that I kept doing it. I did research on how to shoot in manual (I started with aperture priority once I got my hands on my dad’s old DSLR) and I found more photographers to look up to and then eventually I connected with someone who connected me to a network of creatives called Creative Minds.

Then after a year’s worth of me trying to improve and figure out photography. This happened:

I’m not going to post the most recent post, it’s kind of eh to me. Plus, this one also has sparklers in it too.

There it is. My photography glo-up. I guess I improved a lot. I’m still working to try to improve. Gotta find people willing to model though. The most readily available models are my sister (half-willing most of the time) or my best friends (who are gone or our schedules don’t match up or I’m dead from not sleeping when they are free).

I’m still figuring out photography. Will I ever figure it out? The world will never know.

Okay. Bye. I’m very sleep deprived and I don’t even know if this post makes sense. That’s a future me problem.