Etsy Shop and Other Stuff

Wow. It’s been a while. July was the last time I’ve written something here, haha. A lot has happened. Like a loooottt.

Some things came up with me trying to transfer schools so I ended up just taking a break this semester from college.

Also, I opened an Etsy shop which I will shamelessly promote right now.

My Etsy shop is called SnortingYarn and you can find it by clicking here.

I make these super cute arm-knitted blankets from this super chunky yarn. I did use acrylic yarn/wool that is just as fluffy and soft like merino wool would be to save costs on my end since I have a limited budget right now. But I do hope to move onto the real deal (merino wool) at some point!


I have sold some (to friends) not on Etsy before I actually opened the shop which made me ponder whether or not I should open one and I got opinions from friends and family who have seen my knitted products.

These blankets (I currently have a super chunky scarf up in my shop too!) would be great to cozy up with or maybe they’re a nice decoration for that couch or the end of your bed. Or if you’re into photography or you’re into aesthetic feeds, this blanket would be perfect to add a touch of coziness to the fall/winter feed time.

Besides that, nothing much has happened. I’ve been job searching (applying and crying) and reading, and taking care of the things around the house. Went on a couple of hikes at state parks around my state.

Another thing about my Etsy, I am new to this whole mini-business world. I will put up more things soon that may suit your tastes so keep an eye on that! Such as this vegan yarn which is basically a cotton filled tube. It doesn’t sound attractive like that, but stay tuned! This yarn is beautiful and unlike merino wool, it doesn’t shed and it’s machine washable!

My mom is very enthusiastic about my little Etsy thing, she often does little quality checks and she often gave me advice about how to operate (she’s an actual business owner, haha).

And photography update: nothing much on my end. I haven’t felt inspired and I have not contacted anyone who would be willing to model or I haven’t been contacted (I understand. My art sucks, haha.) but it’s cool. I have done some self-portraits and nature shots while hiking.

Boooyyyy lugging a camera with a huge lens (among hiking things such as water bottles) sometimes is a lot on these hikes. Every once counts when you’re tired. It’s hot and humid here. But on the recent hike, it was at the highest point in my state and it’s becoming fall so it felt nice.

That’s it. Bye. Oh, and Happy Halloween. Probs won’t see something from me again until the end of the year.