Catching Up

Hey friends!

It certainly has been a while. Finals happened and I just disappeared. So let’s catch up! I’ll tell you about my time since a few months ago and you tell me!

Finals happened. I didn’t have much to do. I only had one actual test at the end of my last week which is what kept me at university. And I had one essay and an easy CSC/HTML project. I was sleeping for most of the week.

But my roomie and I made it a sort of tradition to go out and have fun during finals week like we did last time by going up to Atlantic Station. I had a shoot planned with an aspiring model friend of mine but he ended up being busy so he cancelled. So my roomie happily took  his place.

I planned to go to this cool parking deck where you can see all of Macon at once during golden hour. It was fun! And I filled my car with balloons.

Here’s my twitter fake ad for Honda:

Then I took my finals and moved out of my dorm…alone. My family couldn’t show up since they were busy, but I managed. It got hot in the South Georgia heat and humidity and I was running up and down the stairs moving things. Thank god I’m sort of a minimalist otherwise I’d die.

Then I got home and I’ve been a bum since then since I’m not getting booked for photo shoots, haha. Just kidding. I was booked once before Memorial Day. It was a prom shoot for my friend! It was fun. I got to see an old friend and I edited like crazy right when I got home so these youngsters could have their prom pics!

I did go to Dauphin Island over Memorial Day weekend and I did some fun pictures with my cousins and my sister, but they didn’t really want to be photographed much so I have more bad nature pics.

And I do have a photo shoot later this month with an old friend from high school who drew my logo/icon thing you see around this website! So I’m trying to put together some ideas since it’ll just be my backyard. I’m pretty sure we can handle it. I’ve done pretty ok winging it. And my friend is also an artist so we can put our creative power together.


Oh! Oh! Which country are you rooting for in the World Cup? I’m rooting for Germany!

Getting Lost

Little update about the website

First things first, if you’ve been here before, you might’ve noticed a little change with my website. Yes. I’ve changed the home page and I’ve added a portfolio. A talent agency contacted me via this website (and Instagram. So thorough. Thanks!) and I was like “Oh no! I had that linked under my photography Insta for laughs and giggles.” Also, I never imagined someone would seriously contact me for a photoshoot this early, haha. So I’m glad they did (even though I was busy on their dates). I’m honored to be considered.

So yea. Portfolio was added with my work. Header was changed to incorporate some cool stuff such as my friend’s work. She drew me holding a camera. Shout out to Karin C.!

Feel free to go check out my stuff there. Impressive or not, I took and edited all those pictures. Including the header stuff (minus the cool drawing).

I still will be doing blog posts because I like sharing about my life whether you like it or not (unless you’ve been coming back every time, then thanks for being interested in my boring life). Now to the blog post!

Finally. The Blog Post

So my friend and I tried to find the Cherry Blossom Trail of the cherry blossom festival. We found the festival itself via driving but we couldn’t find proper parking. Website said to look for signs and I saw no signs.

We just decided to park back at the dorm since it was kinda close and make our way to where we saw signs for the trail while driving. Nothing was really working out that day. I felt bad because the city we’re in is very hilly and quite sketchy. We got lost a few times and had to head back. We got catcalled en route to a place we were sure of where the trail starts. And we were like “Hell no. Let’s head back on to the noise.”

Why do catcallers exist? Who started it? A lonely man with insecurities? Go talk to your mom (or motherly figure in your life) or Jesus or Satan or your therapist if you’re lonely.

So we walked back through the festival. We couldn’t find the trail. But I did take some nice photos of her on the way back.

The palm tree one was funny. It was literally a little palm tree bush thing on the side of the road (peep the car in the background). A couple passed by and the man was so amused that I had her in there. He asked to see and I couldn’t not show it to him. He seemed like he genuinely wanted to see the result.

So I showed it to him (it was unedited) and he was so amused.

“Ahaha! It’s like she’s on an island in the Caribbean or something!”

Thanks man. You da bomb for making me feel great about my [dramatic pose] art.

There was also a funny incident about me trying to key into the parking lot of my dorm but I feel like this post is already too long. So next time. Hopefully, it’ll make you want to come back cause it sounds juicy.

Bye for now. I have to edit pictures.

Michaels Challenge

Haha. This is kind of late but whatever!

So at the end of my spring break (like 2 weeks ago), I took up the Michaels Challenge with some friends who could model for me last minute because I freaking suck at planning things out beforehand (fatal flaw).

What is the Michaels Challenge? Glad you asked (or didn’t. But I think you asked). Basically, you go into Michaels and take pictures. They actually let you have a photoshoot in there (unlike Hobby Lobby, but that’s cool). I’ve mostly seen people in the floral section and the out of the box peeps go out of that section. I’m not so out of the box, so I was in the floral section.

Thanks to Michaels for letting photographers like me take pictures in your store. I had fun.

Here are some of my shots below!

Social media promotion because I am that person.

Go give me follows and likes (or just check it out or don’t do anything, your life, your choice.) I am more active on these two platforms than on wordpress. So if you want everyday nonsense about my life/photography, Twitter is the way to go.


Twitter: SnortingPics

Ok. Bye. Until another month when I get an idea on what to write about for ten minutes. Tell me about your spring plans down below in the comments?

Sitting in the Wrong Class

So today was the first class day of the new semester for me. I have my class schedule finalized and I was low-key not ready at all. I was praying for some snow or ice storm to like delay the schedule by a day at least. It was probably because I was greedy for more lazing around the house and also because my cousin has another whole week of break (lucky duck).

But nevertheless (did I use that right? I’m going to assume I did) I got my butt out of bed at 10:20AM to get ready for an 11AM Macroeconomics class. At least it wasn’t an earlier class.

Everything was going fine. Classes were alright. I didn’t hate them from the start which was fine. I have about an almost-hour break between my three classes today.

Then came my last class of the day. In the computer science building. That building always looked a bit shady to me so I left my dorm pretty early (I’m usually late or close to late) to get to class so I could find it. It was like a maze in there. It took me a minute to find the room that it’s in.

And when I found it, I saw that people were already seated and the door was open. So I just slid in…slid into the wrong class I realized after sitting down. I thought they just were seated and the prof already pulled up the syllabus and they were waiting. Nope. I totally left out the thought that there could be another class ahead of this one cause none of my classes today had one right in front of it.

So I sat there, silently laughing at my mistake. The class that I’m actually in is right after that one so I just sat there. It was a bit awkward when everyone got up to leave once it was over. I was scrolling on my phone, hoping that that prof doesn’t also teach the class after cause that would be uber awkward (he didn’t). It was wild. It’s the first time I’ve ever sat in on the wrong class (at least it was the right location) and I’ve always told myself, “it’d be real funny and awkward if you ever went to the wrong class”. And it happened. Thanks.

But am I embarrassed? Nope. I’ll never see those people again and if I do, I probably won’t recognize them and they won’t recognize me. I mean, who even notices me? No one. That is the benefit of being quiet and Asian. I’m overlooked. But I will complain about that later when being invisible doesn’t come in handy.

Anyways, happy new year and new semester to all. May you pass your classes. Tell me if you ever sat in on the wrong class or something to amuse me…or to make me feel bad for being amused by your embarrassment (I’m sorry).

3AM Nuisances

Hey guys! This might be a little cranky/rant but not really rant but take it lightly cause I’m cranky but also laughing at the ridiculousness of what happened.

I was sleeping just fine (slept around midnight) when these guys come out of nowhere in front of my dorm with their giant and loud speaker blasting rap. And I just sit straight up out of bed like, “What the heck is this?!” and I check the time and it’s freaking 3AM. And I’m just saying to them mentally, “Why?! Why now?! Don’t you need sleep? Finals are coming and all the classes are like shoving all these things at you? Get out of here, deadbeats!”

And they just change their music and I swear, it gets louder. I was so done with them. If I had the energy and a loud speaker, I’d blast metal right back at them. Scare them away with my “demonic” screaming music. Fun fact: I listen to metal along with other types of music.

Then they start bragging about how they peed everywhere. (Read in stoner voice. They didn’t sound stoned but it’s fun to imitate them as such. They were most likely drunk):

“Aw yea, man. Like, I peed everywhere. Don’t step over there. Flooded the sh*t out of that corner. *giggles*”

And I’m sitting in bed like, “Is this even real, right now?” I put it up on Snapchat so I could look back on it and see that it’s not some crazy intense and vivid hallucination from me working too much this week. I just checked, it’s real and it happened.

What a bunch of inconsiderate knuckle heads. I think I’m still slightly cranky now and low key want to be out for blood but they’re bigger than me and I could get killed. I rarely get angry or just a bit cranky but it’s easy for me to be cranky if my sleep is interrupted by something stupid like that.

So yea. That was my sort of surreal night. I’ll be better soon. And I’ll post my thanksgiving reflection thing later today…if I have time, haha. I want it done before December happens tomorrow. It’s happening too quick.

New Low in Life

This is funny, I swear. At least funny to me.

Yesterday, I got back to college in the evening around 8PM and I parked my car far cause parents come into the gate with their kids and like take up space and then they leave. So my car was parked far and I had to make several trips to get all my stuff up to my room. That took a lot of time.

And then I had to unpack. That took more time.

I had two homework problem sets due for my math class and I was also very hungry.  My mom packed my favorite dish from our culture, basically it’s grilled meat with noodles and chopped lettuce and cucumbers. It’s great. Love it.

But I had homework to do and I have less than two hours to do it. Knowing me, it’ll be really slow doing it cause I get distracted. And I had to write a petition for my social problems class.

So I was shoving chopstick fulls (basically spoonfuls but with chopsticks) of noodles into my mouth with my left hand while doing mental math and solving logarithms in my head and typing in the answer with my right hand. It was crazy.

I was desperate to get the homework done. Who has homework due right after break ends anyways? That’s right the devil himself. Just kidding, please don’t fail me, professor if you end up finding this somehow. We’re all just slackers and bums around here.

But anyways, I was desperate to get homework done and also I was very hungry from the drive and the running up and down from my dorm to my car to grab stuff. I laughed at one point about how this was a new low and how pathetic I probably look but it was a funny little moment. I feel that if my roommate had come back that night too, she would’ve laughed forever at me.

But anyways, here’s my petition for supporting the continuation of DACA if you want to check it out. It’s all a part of my social advocacy project for my social problems class. I slapped it together late last night when I remembered I had to do this for my group. I knew I had to do it, forgot about it, and then scrambled to put it all together. Yay me for procrastination.

Click here to check it out. Sign if you want.

And godspeed to me. I have two group projects to do this week along with a test in math. May I not be deceased by the time the end of Friday comes.


Locked Out

Hello! So it’s been a while since I’ve posted (I think) so here’s a fun little short post.

So…I got locked out. The End.

Ok. Let’s elaborate and add flowers to take up some time of your day.

So I just finished homework and I was like, “I sure could go refill my water bottle.” So I grabbed my water bottle and went down the hall, closing my dormroom door behind me. I filled up my 1.5L Fiji water bottle that I reuse and then I strolled back to my room cause life’s good. I finished homework before 8PM and I can catch up on NaNoWriMo.

When I reached my door, I reached into my jacket pocket and I realized. I forgot to grab my key! So I was like, “Shoot. My roomie is gone too since she’s at Supplemental Instruction or whatever SI stands for.” I didn’t forget to Snapchat my situation because what true millennial doesn’t and then I walked downstairs to the first floor to sit on the couch outside of the first floor lounge. I thought I’d look even more pitiful if I just sat outside of my door.

So I sat down on the squishy orange couch and I texted my roomie cause her SI session should be ending soon. And I just flamed my frenemy (not really enemies. We just like to compete and flame each other) on Snapchat and hugged my only companion, the giant water bottle. Then my roomie came in and she saw me and burst out laughing. And we both were hysterically laughing as we walked back upstairs together.

Apparently I still looked very pitiful. At least I was wearing shoes. I was thinking about not putting shoes on before I left my room to go get water.

So that’s the story. I’m usually really good about having my keys on me since I’ll check my pockets or my purse before actually leaving and shutting the door. But today was a fun day. A fun day when little me just wanted to go get water.

And thank you for your time.