3AM Nuisances

Hey guys! This might be a little cranky/rant but not really rant but take it lightly cause I’m cranky but also laughing at the ridiculousness of what happened.

I was sleeping just fine (slept around midnight) when these guys come out of nowhere in front of my dorm with their giant and loud speaker blasting rap. And I just sit straight up out of bed like, “What the heck is this?!” and I check the time and it’s freaking 3AM. And I’m just saying to them mentally, “Why?! Why now?! Don’t you need sleep? Finals are coming and all the classes are like shoving all these things at you? Get out of here, deadbeats!”

And they just change their music and I swear, it gets louder. I was so done with them. If I had the energy and a loud speaker, I’d blast metal right back at them. Scare them away with my “demonic” screaming music. Fun fact: I listen to metal along with other types of music.

Then they start bragging about how they peed everywhere. (Read in stoner voice. They didn’t sound stoned but it’s fun to imitate them as such. They were most likely drunk):

“Aw yea, man. Like, I peed everywhere. Don’t step over there. Flooded the sh*t out of that corner. *giggles*”

And I’m sitting in bed like, “Is this even real, right now?” I put it up on Snapchat so I could look back on it and see that it’s not some crazy intense and vivid hallucination from me working too much this week. I just checked, it’s real and it happened.

What a bunch of inconsiderate knuckle heads. I think I’m still slightly cranky now and low key want to be out for blood but they’re bigger than me and I could get killed. I rarely get angry or just a bit cranky but it’s easy for me to be cranky if my sleep is interrupted by something stupid like that.

So yea. That was my sort of surreal night. I’ll be better soon. And I’ll post my thanksgiving reflection thing later today…if I have time, haha. I want it done before December happens tomorrow. It’s happening too quick.

New Low in Life

This is funny, I swear. At least funny to me.

Yesterday, I got back to college in the evening around 8PM and I parked my car far cause parents come into the gate with their kids and like take up space and then they leave. So my car was parked far and I had to make several trips to get all my stuff up to my room. That took a lot of time.

And then I had to unpack. That took more time.

I had two homework problem sets due for my math class and I was also very hungry.  My mom packed my favorite dish from our culture, basically it’s grilled meat with noodles and chopped lettuce and cucumbers. It’s great. Love it.

But I had homework to do and I have less than two hours to do it. Knowing me, it’ll be really slow doing it cause I get distracted. And I had to write a petition for my social problems class.

So I was shoving chopstick fulls (basically spoonfuls but with chopsticks) of noodles into my mouth with my left hand while doing mental math and solving logarithms in my head and typing in the answer with my right hand. It was crazy.

I was desperate to get the homework done. Who has homework due right after break ends anyways? That’s right the devil himself. Just kidding, please don’t fail me, professor if you end up finding this somehow. We’re all just slackers and bums around here.

But anyways, I was desperate to get homework done and also I was very hungry from the drive and the running up and down from my dorm to my car to grab stuff. I laughed at one point about how this was a new low and how pathetic I probably look but it was a funny little moment. I feel that if my roommate had come back that night too, she would’ve laughed forever at me.

But anyways, here’s my petition for supporting the continuation of DACA if you want to check it out. It’s all a part of my social advocacy project for my social problems class. I slapped it together late last night when I remembered I had to do this for my group. I knew I had to do it, forgot about it, and then scrambled to put it all together. Yay me for procrastination.

Click here to check it out. Sign if you want.

And godspeed to me. I have two group projects to do this week along with a test in math. May I not be deceased by the time the end of Friday comes.


Locked Out

Hello! So it’s been a while since I’ve posted (I think) so here’s a fun little short post.

So…I got locked out. The End.

Ok. Let’s elaborate and add flowers to take up some time of your day.

So I just finished homework and I was like, “I sure could go refill my water bottle.” So I grabbed my water bottle and went down the hall, closing my dormroom door behind me. I filled up my 1.5L Fiji water bottle that I reuse and then I strolled back to my room cause life’s good. I finished homework before 8PM and I can catch up on NaNoWriMo.

When I reached my door, I reached into my jacket pocket and I realized. I forgot to grab my key! So I was like, “Shoot. My roomie is gone too since she’s at Supplemental Instruction or whatever SI stands for.” I didn’t forget to Snapchat my situation because what true millennial doesn’t and then I walked downstairs to the first floor to sit on the couch outside of the first floor lounge. I thought I’d look even more pitiful if I just sat outside of my door.

So I sat down on the squishy orange couch and I texted my roomie cause her SI session should be ending soon. And I just flamed my frenemy (not really enemies. We just like to compete and flame each other) on Snapchat and hugged my only companion, the giant water bottle. Then my roomie came in and she saw me and burst out laughing. And we both were hysterically laughing as we walked back upstairs together.

Apparently I still looked very pitiful. At least I was wearing shoes. I was thinking about not putting shoes on before I left my room to go get water.

So that’s the story. I’m usually really good about having my keys on me since I’ll check my pockets or my purse before actually leaving and shutting the door. But today was a fun day. A fun day when little me just wanted to go get water.

And thank you for your time.

Night Market Adventure

Heyo! Long blog post up ahead since I haven’t posted for a week and my Friday night was actually eventful for once.

Yesterday, I went to the Atlanta International Night Market with my roomie. It was freaking awesome. But the Atlanta traffic was not. Curse you. Dinkleberg.

It’s been a while since I drove up to Atlanta like actual in the middle of congested Atlanta-ness rather than the surrounding area of Atlanta that most of us still consider Atlanta. So it was quite fun to drive at below 20 mph and scream internally when you pass a speed limit sign that was set at 35 mph. Like “Ha. That’s the dream.” But it wasn’t that bad and I’ve been in worse traffic. At least I didn’t have to pee.

So the night market. It was very lit. From the gate, you heard music that was blasting which made the atmosphere awesome. You could see the pretty lights strung up on the tents of the night market. The sun didn’t exactly set yet when we got there but it still looked pretty.


My roomie and I made a trip around the food tents and trucks to see what our options were (realistically, we can’t buy everything). The smoke in the air smelt great from the meat cooking. There were tons of options (even a whole section for vegans. I’m not vegan but go vegans for their food options being offered). My roomie and I were a bit overwhelmed and we didn’t know what to eat. We just love food too much.

All the vendors really got you. But our first choice was Vietnamese food. The food of my people. The lady beckoned us in and I ordered for the both of us in Vietnamese. The lady responded back in English every time and even turned back to her friends and was like, “This kid! Ahaha!” in Vietnamese, so I know she could speak Viet. She just wanted to make fun of me. I’m not hurt, I was like *dramatic gasp* the whole time. My aunt does that a lot so I’m fine, haha.

Also, my Vietnamese is not terrible as if I’m not a native speaker. I’m not fluent. I still ask how to say certain things. But I get the tones and the grammar correct and I can survive a difficult conversation. So the lady was just being a middle aged Asian lady.

Anyways, from that, my roomie and I kept circling around like hungry vultures (we’re pretty, I think. Well, at least she’s the pretty one. I’m like Asian female Skrillex). We bought more food and basically filmed our own version of Buzzfeed Worth It on my roommate’s Instagram story.

There was a stage with international performances going on. It was beautiful and amusing. There was a section of the night market that sold things so we went through that to get a little amusement from the knick-knacks and clothing and other sorts sold.

I met a few friends of my roommate there which was fun cause they’re great people. Then we left and drove to my roommate’s church where her father was so we could go get Korean Fried Chicken.

From there, my roommate basically spoiled me even more. She paid for all of our food at the Night Market and then the food we bought in her city. But I’ll get to that. Church adventure first!

So this was an interesting glimpse into the Presbyterian ways. I’m Catholic so it was interesting to get a look at what a different type of religion was like. And I’m also Vietnamese so it was interesting to see a Korean community.

I got to see some kids (were they kids my age? Maybe.) who were enthusiastic about their religion and God at a little worship program. On a Friday night. Which was different from the atmosphere of my own church where the kids were all forced to be there by their parents and was only there for social hour (they’d ignore any activities the youth leaders set up and anything they had to say. Not that I’m against kids going to church to hang out with other kids with something in common with them). The kids at my church all hated the program except for a select few who were the radical Christian home-schooled kids.

Note: I’m not saying that this is every Catholic or Presbyterian church here, it’s just from what I experienced.

But anyways, I got to meet quite a lot of my roommate’s friends and see what her life was like growing up. Cause she did say that she basically grew up spending time at the church since her father led worship and still does to this day. Her friends were all great people and seemed very nice. There was one guy I met who probably was only holding his hand up to say hi but I just smacked his hand, thinking it was a high-five like the weirdo I am. A+ for social interaction me.

And there was one special friend whom I couldn’t meet in person but my roomie really especially wanted me to meet him. But on the tour I got of her massive church, we saw him practicing (?) in a room and my roomie texted him. When he looked up, I was making a weird face in the window before scurrying away with my roomie. I did sort of talk with him later on but it was through my roomie texting him and relaying messages between us. It was very funny. I think we could be best friends (I whisper into the night creepily).

Then we drove around her town and she pointed out every restaurant she goes to and had recommendations. But it was getting late and I had an hour drive back to my home before we got the Korean Fried Chicken.

Korean Fried Chicken time! I promised my sister I’d get her something when I come back and I thought why not one of the best things Korean cuisine has to offer? We went to this little Korean shopping center to get the chicken and my roomie ordered for me and while we were waiting, we ran over to this bakery to get Korean taiyaki. She also paid for that and I was like “Whoa.” but she was like, “Let me spoil you.”

My roomie also wanted me to get Korean shaved ice and other cool stuff but she was a bit upset at the timing of things. So next time we happen to drive up to Atlanta! I’ll even bring her to a Vietnamese shopping center to scar her a bit from the V-pop they like to play (I mean BLAST). V-Pop is terrible, do not try it. I swear.

Then the rest was a blur. We went back for the chicken and waited on it to finish. We watched SNL Korea but they didn’t have English subtitles so my roomie was translating every few lines for me. I love SNL Korea but with subs because I unfortunately cannot understand the jokes without it.

Then I drove her home, had to get out of my car to punch in the code because I’m still too short in a mini-SUV. I mean, I could have also parked a tad far but I still have unbuckle my seatbelt and get on my knees to reach the gate thingy to tap my ID at my college for parking. So same thing, sorta.

Then I drove home and ate my fried chicken alone in the dark because it was late. Just kidding. My sister ate with me and so did my mom. My mom was a bit shocked at how spicy the chicken was but I just felt a little tingle. The Korean fried chicken was amazing, by the way! I loved it.

So that’s my Friday night adventure. It was very eventful and I had lots of fun. I hope to return to my roomie’s city to hang out and maybe try again at meeting that friend since she really wanted us to meet.

To new bestie: I’ll be normal when we meet in person…until you’re stuck with me forever like my other close friends and then I get crazy on you.

I’m pretty sure 99% of my closest thought I was this cool and chill person who was normal before one day, I was like, “Psych! I’m not normal, ahaha! And we’re too deep in the friendship for you to leave me.” You might say this is trickery, but I call it genius.


Hey guys! Today’s evidently Halloween!

I think it’s the first Halloween I’m spending away from home. And what does it entail? Less sugar and no dressing up for me. (Is this what adulthood is? I should revert)

Brief intermission to promote my Instagram and for you to stare at my lack of Halloween picture. This was all I got since I got so busy that I couldn’t go out and take a spooky picture in an alleyway. There’s a bit of smoke from the fireworks to make it a little spooky. OO-OOOHHH!

Anyways! Fun day. There’s a good amount of people here at my college dressed up!There was a girl in my first class dressed as a cow and during lunch I saw someone dressed as the campus police (isn’t it illegal to dress as a cop? Oh well. I’m bad with faces so can’t help here) and then an Ash Ketchum.

Then during lunch, the Funny Story of a Misunderstood Guy Dressed as a Ghost: his outfit looked like he was a KKK member. I didn’t really realize how bad it looked until he stood up and someone behind me said, “Hey! Aren’t you going to put your hood up?”

Then it clicked. His face was so frustrated. His shoulders slumped. His ears got red.

“I didn’t realize how bad it looked until I left my room!” He shouted.

When he came back to sit down at his table, he dejectedly pulled off his set of bed sheets. I felt so bad for him. Sorry dude, not the best time to be a ghost. That’s the end of that funny ordeal.

And then, just now, a parade of minions just went by. That was both terrifying and hilarious. Thanks college kids.

My college’s cafeteria was decked out with Halloween themed stuff. It was adorable! The desserts section had Halloween treats. There were witch’s fingers, a green liquid (didn’t try it, but looked awesome) called Swamp Water, spider web cookies, monster cupcakes, and more cute stuff. They were certainly festive. I loved it.

That was basically my sugar fill for the day since I won’t be trick-or-treating unfortunately. I always go every year cause free candy and I enjoy the fun walking around my neighborhood to see the kids dressed up and the decorations. Sadly though, my neighborhood has been dying with that type of culture every year. Maybe it was good that I didn’t waste me energy? I don’t know.

Also, kids have been riding around in cars to every door. What is that? No. That’s not right. Part of the fun is walking to each door and racing your relatives to the next house. That’s the Halloween experience. It’s warm this year. So there’s no excuse for driving around in your neighborhood. Walk! You need the exercise and fresh air! I think it’s still fresh where I’m from, no smog and stuff. Fresher than the inner city.

I was a cereal killer last year. I like puns so I wanted to be a walking pun. I had a cereal box with little knives stabbed in them. Brilliant and a lazy idea, haha.

So what are your plans for this Halloween-y Tuesday? Going to a party? Trick-or-treating? Or are you handing out candy to kids? Staying in and ignoring the children is cool too!





Introvert Translator


Today’s going to be a short one. Just a little fun thing.

So I have some writing problems for one of my classes cause I’m not deep enough or I guess I’m not good with writing conceptually. Basically, my essay topic was shot down and I had to meet with the preceptor for the class last minute before I drive back home today since the topic is due tonight and the essay is due at 4PM this upcoming Wednesday (low-key stressing but I’m going to sleep this off).

I talked about this jokingly with my roomie. And I basically outlining what I have to say in the meeting with the preceptor to fix me. Then I jokingly invited my roomie to sit in on the meeting with me and she was down (She walked me to the library to find my preceptor, haha. I think she really was about to sit in if she didn’t have to go home). She was like, “I’ll translate for you. Like what she really means is THIS [insert more aggressive version of what Madelyn would say]”

Basically, she’s the Obama Anger Translator but not as explicit and angry and for the introverted me. An Introvert Translator. Can you imagine how great that would be?

Introvert: Um…okay.

Extrovert: Now what she really means is that you’re ridiculous and she wants it her way. And you’re going to give it to her. Her way.


Introvert: Uh…sure?

Extrovert: No. Straight up. Too many people. It’s alone time. Alone time means no one time from this hour to this hour. Thanks.


So introverts, would you like a translator? And extroverts, can you imagine yourself being a translator?

Side note: I need to get a spooky pic in before Halloween comes and goes. This is the first year I’m not planning on trick or treating. Gasp. *scary screechy violin music plays*

Awesome Roommate

Hey! Oh man, that’s kind of aggressive. Hello.

So today is going to be about my roommate. She’s awesome. I always hear about these roommate nightmare stories and a lot of my friends have so many complaints about their roommates but my roommate is just perfect haha.

A little about her: She took a gap year so she’s older than me by one year. She’s from South Korea and speaks her language fluently (or fluently better than me cause she can read and write. I cannot in my native language. Only speak and read food items cause food is essential). She’s pretty darn extroverted. She loves God and God loves her. Like really loves her.

To add on with the God loves her thing, I have a theory that she’s favored by God a little more than the others. Like you know when you ask a parent which child is their favorite but they’re like, “I have no favorites, please.” but you know that little Oscar is their favorite. (Please do not attack me, radical Christians. I realize that God loves all equally. I’m joking around but not saying that God is a joke.)

But anyways, my roomie prays and speaks to God very frequently and they have a close relationship it seems. She’ll basically ask for something and God basically (sometimes indirectly…ok mostly indirectly) gives it to her. And she’s a good person so it’s not like she’s cursing people and God’s like, “Yeah! Go get em!”. It’s quite funny when she tells me about her recent gifts/journeys with God and she wasn’t specific enough in her prayers so she’s like, “Really?! I thought you had me!” but not exactly in those words. I think I was even saying that she said that when she retold her story to me…

To the awesome part! She is super nice and gives me food! She’s like a mom, basically. She knows that I can’t wake up early enough to get a meal before classes so she gets me breakfast and leaves it on my desk. And she’s super patient with me which is great cause I’m introverted. I have tendencies to like be reluctant to go outside and socialize and I guess my social habits might be strange to her. She helps me with that by like doing the talking first and easing me into the social-ness when I’m like there being awkward. I think a majority of the people I’ve met this year and like actually spoken to (not class related) were because of her. Thumbs up to her!

It’s quite fun. It’s rare that I instantly just start talking to someone really comfortably like this. But I really think I lucked out with getting a roommate like her since I hear a bunch of these crazy stories.We’re like best friends. I don’t have like crazy nightmare-ish stories. I have crazy fun stories that will be shared soon.

Update: Something funny happened today. My roommate left the key in the lock of our door. I had to leave before she came back, so I left the key under the door gap thing cause she already used her lock-out thing and she would’ve had to pay to get back in. Real good roommates look out for each other like that. And also get each other food. I bring back the food of my people every time I go back home. And by home, I mean home here in America that’s like 1hr+ away, not like 24hr+ flight to the other side of the world.

Do you have any nightmare roommate stories? Or is/was your roommate awesome? Brag about them in the comments!