Etsy Shop and Other Stuff

Wow. It’s been a while. July was the last time I’ve written something here, haha. A lot has happened. Like a loooottt.

Some things came up with me trying to transfer schools so I ended up just taking a break this semester from college.

Also, I opened an Etsy shop which I will shamelessly promote right now.

My Etsy shop is called SnortingYarn and you can find it by clicking here.

I make these super cute arm-knitted blankets from this super chunky yarn. I did use acrylic yarn/wool that is just as fluffy and soft like merino wool would be to save costs on my end since I have a limited budget right now. But I do hope to move onto the real deal (merino wool) at some point!


I have sold some (to friends) not on Etsy before I actually opened the shop which made me ponder whether or not I should open one and I got opinions from friends and family who have seen my knitted products.

These blankets (I currently have a super chunky scarf up in my shop too!) would be great to cozy up with or maybe they’re a nice decoration for that couch or the end of your bed. Or if you’re into photography or you’re into aesthetic feeds, this blanket would be perfect to add a touch of coziness to the fall/winter feed time.

Besides that, nothing much has happened. I’ve been job searching (applying and crying) and reading, and taking care of the things around the house. Went on a couple of hikes at state parks around my state.

Another thing about my Etsy, I am new to this whole mini-business world. I will put up more things soon that may suit your tastes so keep an eye on that! Such as this vegan yarn which is basically a cotton filled tube. It doesn’t sound attractive like that, but stay tuned! This yarn is beautiful and unlike merino wool, it doesn’t shed and it’s machine washable!

My mom is very enthusiastic about my little Etsy thing, she often does little quality checks and she often gave me advice about how to operate (she’s an actual business owner, haha).

And photography update: nothing much on my end. I haven’t felt inspired and I have not contacted anyone who would be willing to model or I haven’t been contacted (I understand. My art sucks, haha.) but it’s cool. I have done some self-portraits and nature shots while hiking.

Boooyyyy lugging a camera with a huge lens (among hiking things such as water bottles) sometimes is a lot on these hikes. Every once counts when you’re tired. It’s hot and humid here. But on the recent hike, it was at the highest point in my state and it’s becoming fall so it felt nice.

That’s it. Bye. Oh, and Happy Halloween. Probs won’t see something from me again until the end of the year.


Hey people who read this blog.

A couple days ago, it was one year since I first posted on my photography account and (after the initial laughs and giggles) started to take that a little more seriously. Congrats to me. I forgot it and only realized the next day, though. Photography should break up with me, man. I’m such a horrible person.

Anyways, I first started the Instagram account and picked photography back up because it was after July 4th and my cousin and my best friend had taken a bunch of these sparkler pictures and sent them to me for laughs and giggles. So I took those sparkler pictures and I edited them in this funky picture editing app I got called PhotoDirector. (I actually use the desktop version of their app to edit now and it works pretty good-better than the app. I just can’t afford Photoshop CC.) I couldn’t sleep anyways and this was being productive of my time.

Thus, this over-edited baby (and born:

My best friend Sarah took that pic above! Check out her book blog at this website!

Yea, I started this account separate from my main account so I can have somewhere to post and share my art and not have random life posts pop up and ruin the “aesthetic”. I also first started it as a joke and I didn’t think I would keep it. But I found photography too fun and I wanted to improve so much that I kept doing it. I did research on how to shoot in manual (I started with aperture priority once I got my hands on my dad’s old DSLR) and I found more photographers to look up to and then eventually I connected with someone who connected me to a network of creatives called Creative Minds.

Then after a year’s worth of me trying to improve and figure out photography. This happened:

I’m not going to post the most recent post, it’s kind of eh to me. Plus, this one also has sparklers in it too.

There it is. My photography glo-up. I guess I improved a lot. I’m still working to try to improve. Gotta find people willing to model though. The most readily available models are my sister (half-willing most of the time) or my best friends (who are gone or our schedules don’t match up or I’m dead from not sleeping when they are free).

I’m still figuring out photography. Will I ever figure it out? The world will never know.

Okay. Bye. I’m very sleep deprived and I don’t even know if this post makes sense. That’s a future me problem.

Catching Up

Hey friends!

It certainly has been a while. Finals happened and I just disappeared. So let’s catch up! I’ll tell you about my time since a few months ago and you tell me!

Finals happened. I didn’t have much to do. I only had one actual test at the end of my last week which is what kept me at university. And I had one essay and an easy CSC/HTML project. I was sleeping for most of the week.

But my roomie and I made it a sort of tradition to go out and have fun during finals week like we did last time by going up to Atlantic Station. I had a shoot planned with an aspiring model friend of mine but he ended up being busy so he cancelled. So my roomie happily took  his place.

I planned to go to this cool parking deck where you can see all of Macon at once during golden hour. It was fun! And I filled my car with balloons.

Here’s my twitter fake ad for Honda:

Then I took my finals and moved out of my dorm…alone. My family couldn’t show up since they were busy, but I managed. It got hot in the South Georgia heat and humidity and I was running up and down the stairs moving things. Thank god I’m sort of a minimalist otherwise I’d die.

Then I got home and I’ve been a bum since then since I’m not getting booked for photo shoots, haha. Just kidding. I was booked once before Memorial Day. It was a prom shoot for my friend! It was fun. I got to see an old friend and I edited like crazy right when I got home so these youngsters could have their prom pics!

I did go to Dauphin Island over Memorial Day weekend and I did some fun pictures with my cousins and my sister, but they didn’t really want to be photographed much so I have more bad nature pics.

And I do have a photo shoot later this month with an old friend from high school who drew my logo/icon thing you see around this website! So I’m trying to put together some ideas since it’ll just be my backyard. I’m pretty sure we can handle it. I’ve done pretty ok winging it. And my friend is also an artist so we can put our creative power together.


Oh! Oh! Which country are you rooting for in the World Cup? I’m rooting for Germany!

Getting Lost

Little update about the website

First things first, if you’ve been here before, you might’ve noticed a little change with my website. Yes. I’ve changed the home page and I’ve added a portfolio. A talent agency contacted me via this website (and Instagram. So thorough. Thanks!) and I was like “Oh no! I had that linked under my photography Insta for laughs and giggles.” Also, I never imagined someone would seriously contact me for a photoshoot this early, haha. So I’m glad they did (even though I was busy on their dates). I’m honored to be considered.

So yea. Portfolio was added with my work. Header was changed to incorporate some cool stuff such as my friend’s work. She drew me holding a camera. Shout out to Karin C.!

Feel free to go check out my stuff there. Impressive or not, I took and edited all those pictures. Including the header stuff (minus the cool drawing).

I still will be doing blog posts because I like sharing about my life whether you like it or not (unless you’ve been coming back every time, then thanks for being interested in my boring life). Now to the blog post!

Finally. The Blog Post

So my friend and I tried to find the Cherry Blossom Trail of the cherry blossom festival. We found the festival itself via driving but we couldn’t find proper parking. Website said to look for signs and I saw no signs.

We just decided to park back at the dorm since it was kinda close and make our way to where we saw signs for the trail while driving. Nothing was really working out that day. I felt bad because the city we’re in is very hilly and quite sketchy. We got lost a few times and had to head back. We got catcalled en route to a place we were sure of where the trail starts. And we were like “Hell no. Let’s head back on to the noise.”

Why do catcallers exist? Who started it? A lonely man with insecurities? Go talk to your mom (or motherly figure in your life) or Jesus or Satan or your therapist if you’re lonely.

So we walked back through the festival. We couldn’t find the trail. But I did take some nice photos of her on the way back.

The palm tree one was funny. It was literally a little palm tree bush thing on the side of the road (peep the car in the background). A couple passed by and the man was so amused that I had her in there. He asked to see and I couldn’t not show it to him. He seemed like he genuinely wanted to see the result.

So I showed it to him (it was unedited) and he was so amused.

“Ahaha! It’s like she’s on an island in the Caribbean or something!”

Thanks man. You da bomb for making me feel great about my [dramatic pose] art.

There was also a funny incident about me trying to key into the parking lot of my dorm but I feel like this post is already too long. So next time. Hopefully, it’ll make you want to come back cause it sounds juicy.

Bye for now. I have to edit pictures.

Michaels Challenge

Haha. This is kind of late but whatever!

So at the end of my spring break (like 2 weeks ago), I took up the Michaels Challenge with some friends who could model for me last minute because I freaking suck at planning things out beforehand (fatal flaw).

What is the Michaels Challenge? Glad you asked (or didn’t. But I think you asked). Basically, you go into Michaels and take pictures. They actually let you have a photoshoot in there (unlike Hobby Lobby, but that’s cool). I’ve mostly seen people in the floral section and the out of the box peeps go out of that section. I’m not so out of the box, so I was in the floral section.

Thanks to Michaels for letting photographers like me take pictures in your store. I had fun.

Here are some of my shots below!

Social media promotion because I am that person.

Go give me follows and likes (or just check it out or don’t do anything, your life, your choice.) I am more active on these two platforms than on wordpress. So if you want everyday nonsense about my life/photography, Twitter is the way to go.


Twitter: SnortingPics

Ok. Bye. Until another month when I get an idea on what to write about for ten minutes. Tell me about your spring plans down below in the comments?


Recently, I have been posting before/afters on Twitter because I get more engagement there and I also talk more directly with other fellow creatives there to give me feedback.

I mostly get good feedback on my edits, surprisingly. But more recently, I’ve been getting the comment that my before (unedited) picture is better.

I’m not so sure how to take that but I think I do take it as a compliment cause I still took the picture right and helped pose the model right…it’s just my sucky editing?

(I am not offended by these people’s comments, just initially confused on how to take it but I’m sure they mean well and it’s feedback. Feedback is great unless you’re going to be mean and not constructive. And I know I suck at editing because I’m still new at this and learning every time I open up the program.)

On my most recent before/after post, someone did clarify that it was because the unedited picture had a faded vintage feel which was better than my style of having contrast and shadows. My friends do say my overall style is sort of some vintage movie feel (I don’t see anything consistent because I’m not that consistent and I just edit until my eyes are satisfied…or burning from staring at a screen).

I don’t know. I might be going through some editing/touch up problem. But it is just those few people’s more personal taste with the vintage feels. I think I would work even harder on improving if flaws such as the saturation being turned to the max (don’t do that) or if my removing certain objects from pictures isn’t seamless. Or it just looks completely wrong and ugly with how I edit. I think then, I would have to reevaluate how I do things.

I think I already am trying to fix my editing, though. It has improved since the first picture I put up on my photography Instagram where I frequently used this brush to add these magic bubbles to light flares. And yes, I used to turn the saturation up to the MAX and the vibrancy was up there too.

I got asked on Instagram pretty recently to teach someone how to edit since they liked my style. I was flattered but I couldn’t teach cause I just can’t. I’m still learning a lot and I don’t think my style is even that defined and consistent enough yet. But I did point them in some path to improve since they were looking to better themselves. Which was to watch other photographers when they go live and/or have an editing session or take tips and pointers from people like Mango Street on YouTube.

To end this, I have a photo shoot with a friend this coming weekend so hopefully things will go well. I’m pretty excited cause it’s been a while since I had a photo shoot and I would like to go on more (hint hint). And it’s also in a pretty neat place in Atlanta.

Note: I wrote this while sick and it’s midnight, so it might not be a good idea to post this while kind of loopy, but I’m gonna because it’s been forever. Hi. How ya doing?

Happy New Year

Happy New Year guys!

This is at night on the first day of 2018, but I was a tad busy yesterday trying to split open the sky with my fireworks (one of the fireworks was called “Crack the Sky”).

Lots of stuff happened in 2017, but it felt like any other year. Maybe there was a lot more of negative things, but let’s leave that in 2017, yeah? Ok. Realistically, that won’t happen, haha.

I made a few cool friends this past year, started a separate Instagram account for my photography, started doing portrait photography instead of landscape-y shots, and I think I traveled a lot more. My hair got super long since I just left it growing since I shaved half of my head. I think it’s been about two or three years, haha. I went ice skating for the first time and got wrecked. Just kidding, my thighs are really sore and the skates kind of did something to my feet so I can’t really walk without a weird hobble right now. I think the ice skating event made me even more convinced that I’m a summer sports person, but I would go ice skating again if someone invites me.

What else did I do in 2017? I arm knitted these epic chunky blankets. That was pretty darn cool.

What am I expecting in 2018? Nothing much. Surprise me. But like good surprises. All those memes of things to leave behind in 2017 weren’t for nothing.